14 Ways to Create & Maintain Your Digital Presence

Jan 3, 2018Branding, Photography, Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Design

This is a straightforward list of ways to create AND maintain your Digital Presence. Once you start it, you gotta keep up with it. These are actionable. But before you can execute, you need to know what your brand is, what you’re selling and what you stand for.

1 – Brand Consistency:
Across all sites and social and any correspondence. Your brand/logo should be on it and it better look good. Don’t use different colors and for the love of God DO NOT stretch or squish the logo!

2 – Mobile Friendly Website:
Does your website look good on a smartphone? It better.
Did You Know? Google ranks mobile friendly sites better than those that aren’t!

3 – Great Images:
Keep’em real if you can. Stock is good so long as it’s not cheesy. Keep the file size down! 

4 – Blog:
This space has more than 140 characters. Share your knowledge of the service you provide. I know, but you’re not giving away your service, you’re showing that you’re an expert in it.

5 – No Flash, No audio (playing automatically):
On your website, don’t have audio that automatically plays. And flash, Flash doesn’t even work on iPhones. Pass. Do I even need to include this one?

6 – SEO (organic):
Use a few keywords and keep your meta data updated aka short description of the webpage.

7 – Page Load Speed:
The average attention span of an adult is 6 seconds, your website better load before.. Squirrel!

8 – Go where Your Customers Are:
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat. Where they go, you follow! #ClassicPaperChase

9 – Content is King:
Short and sweet, no filler. This goes for webpages and social media.

10 – Facebook Ads:
Get your business in front of your ideal customer regardless if they “like” your business page or not.

11 – Facebook Pixel:
Install this code on your website NOW! Ever been on a website, log on to Facebook later and see an ad for them? This. Is. How. 

12 – Email List:
This is a good, relatively inexpensive way to stay in contact with your customers or those that are interested in your business.

13 – Pay-Per-Click Ads:
These are a good way to get in front of warm leads because they are actively looking for your services.

14 – Analytics:
How are you going to know how your content is doing if you aren’t tracking it. Google Analytics is my #1 for websites. Social media platforms have their own analytics.


These are the points I go through with every client. I design logos, build website and create facebook ad campaigns. If you have any questions:

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