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While your website is a digital “home base” of any business, your social media is part of the 24/7 attention highway and you have the ability to push ‘commercials’ to it. Use it.

Social Media is great for any business because that’s where the attention is. Facebook is the behemoth so it’s the best platform to start with. Instagram too, since Facebook owns it. The jury is still out on THREADS.

It’s not hard to screw it up, just don’t be spammy and don’t let it get stale. Eye-catching creative with great sales copy is the winning combination, regardless if it’s organic or paid ads. It is easy to give up on. And it is easy to spend too much time on a single post.

Organic. And Paid (aka sponsored).
They are similar in style but can have different roles in your strategy.

Facebook organic post vs boost post vs ad

Some social media terminology

  • Organic Content:  this is content that is posted to your Facebook Business page. Only your followers (those that “like” your business page) can see. The thing is, only a small percent of your followers see them. Yeah. Roughly 10% of your followers will see your content. That number starts going down when your followers total is over 1,000. But don’t let that stop you from posting.
  • Paid/Sponsored Content:  aka Facebook Ads (Instagram too) – this is content that posted from your Facebook Business page. BUT it allows you to select parameters to reach ANYONE on Facebook that meets your criteria for an ideal customer. It is not posted to your business page timeline.
  • ReTargeting Ads:  ever been to a website for ATV tires (no? just me then) anyways and then seen ad for that brand next time you’re on Facebook? That’s ReTargeting Ads. They have only been selected because they have been on your website.
  • Boosted Posts:  this is an organic post, like I mentioned first, but you have the ability to boost it by putting money behind it and selecting the parameters I mentioned in the Ads. The downside is that you lose one spot for text under the creative AND views (impressions) can struggle a little versus if you created an ad.

Since I have you, let’s keep this education train rollin’. When it comes to most marketing, your ads will have a ‘reach’ and ‘impressions.’

  • Reach:  the number of people your content REACHED.
  • Impression:  the number of times your content was displayed on a device and VIEWED.

Let’s do some simple math to explain. For instance, if I publish a piece of content – 500 people see it – the Reach is 500.

But 300 of those people see it twice. The Impressions is 800. This is a good thing, repetition is good in marketing. Google the old Marketing Rule of 7.

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