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Mursell Resin Art

Jul 21, 2023

A home-based resin art business that makes earrings, coasters, wall decor, etc. reached out because they needed a logo that represented them better.
They needed a vector logo so they could print stickers, business cards, stamps, t-shirts, and banners.
We worked on the colors they were using and went through some fonts they liked. We really thought about the name and their industry to tie them together in the logo.
They wanted something fun and playful, so we came up with three mock-ups to work with. The 3rd one really looked good, so we tweaked it a little and viola! See it at the bottom!

This was the final result!

-- Mursell-logo_v1-B-2_dark

And here’s the Brand Style Guide to go with it.

--mursell-brand guide

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