Mobile Web Traffic Surpassing Desktop!

Sep 15, 2016Mobile, Responsive Design

65% of world wide web traffic is mobile. Let that sink in for a moment…Done? We all knew this was coming. It makes sense, right? Apple has come out with a new phone almost every year since ’07 and the sales for those keep climbing (Apple has sold more than 590 million iPhones from 2007-2014 worldwide source)…….Sorry, I fell out of my chair and had to get up. Android phones are popular too yada yada, I don’t pay much attention to those. 🙂

When I became a web developer, never did I think I would be changing my coding to design to Mobile First. Hell, I didn’t even own a smartphone when I started designing websites. ‘Mobile First’ is a process that web design agencies use to design and develop to a smart device before considering the desktop computer. In modern business world, you go where the people are, right? Well, the people are mobile, whether you like it or not. And you better cater to them or you’ll sink.

If It’s not already, now’s the time to start thinking about your website being mobile first, then formatted for desktop. With that being said, we as web developers have to think more about the content that’s going on your website. No longer can you have huge image files on your website. No longer can you have paragraph after paragraph of text on your website. No longer can you make your user pinch and zoom to get around your website.

  • Huge image files = super long page load time for those using cellular data
  • Lots of text = too much to read on a mobile device
  • Pinching and zooming around = confusion and possible info missed

All of these things equal your user bailing on your website because it’s not easy for them to maneuver. Do you know what the average time for a website to load is? 5 seconds at 3Mb (source). Do you know what the average time a user is willing to wait for your website to load? 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load (source).

Check. And mate.

Sooooo “How can I find out what my mobile web traffic is?” That depends. You need web tracking installed on your website to find out. Google Analytics is super popular and we can see what kind of traffic you’re getting. All my websites have it installed.

Is your website formatted to handle mobile traffic? If so, how long has it been that way? If not, give me a holler and let’s get yours up to date!

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