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Digital Marketing has a broad spectrum of things you can do to promote your business but we just focus on these few things:

digital marketing services in murphy sachse wylie - branding and logo design

Branding & Logos

Creating something from nothing or altering something that already exists to give you what you need to market your products or services. Branding is your business’ first impression to every customer.

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Website Design

To create the best experience for your clients, you first have to understand why they’re coming to your website. Then, give them what they want. As quickly as possible. Also writing, formatting, coding, re-sizing, accommodating, trouble-shooting, testing, re-testing, using correct syntax, organizing and caffeine are all part of building a website.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is great for any business. So long as you know what you’re doing. Graphic design, photography and good copywriting are crucial. Organic AND Sponsored/Paid posts work together. It also doesn’t hurt to know how each platform works. They all have their own guidelines and limits.

Web Hosting

Need a place for your website to "live?" We all do. That's why we also offer website hosting, Outlook Email, etc. All the things to get you and your business rockin’ and rollin’ online!

Google Ads

Be seen where your customers are searching, browsing and watching across Google Search, YouTube, and the web. Your ad can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours.

Website Domains

We also offer domain names, hosting, email, etc... All the things to get you and your business rockin’ and rollin’ online!

About GSM


Digital Marketing seemed like a natural career choice in the progression of my life – the touring heavy metal band did NOT pay the bills. Trust me, I tried for many years.

After the band well, disbanded, I started focusing on the other work I did while in the band – maintaining the website and creating content on MySpace (lol). Thankfully around that time, a spot opened up to help manage the website (yes, the chip and tater company). So I took it and ran with it for years. I learned a ton from other Marketing agencies and finished my degree in Website Development.

Fast forward a few years and I really noticed I was on the wrong side of the creative team – corporate world is not creative, that’s why they hire marketing agencies.

So in 2016, I took the leap, a big leap, a scary leap out to working for myself. And here we are in [*insert current year] and I’m still at it. *yes, that was intentional. 🙂

To rid the world of bad design in the form of websites and social media content.

To provide innovative and effective integrated digital marketing and public relations solutions that help our clients grow their businesses and reach their marketing goals.

Murphy Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Member of the Year. #party!

Our Skills

Some digital skills to bring your marketing back to the future!

  • digital strategy 100% 100%
  • graphic design 100% 100%
  • copywriting 100% 100%
  • website development 100% 100%

Who You're Dealing With

Howdy! Name’s Greg Scott. The name makes sense now, right?
I’m a Website Designer and Social Media Marketing Manager located in Historic Downtown Wylie, TX. I have a team of creatives that do graphic design, copywriting, social media content and website design.

Greg Scott

Greg Scott

Digital Marketer & Owner

Graphics Team

Graphics Team

Graphic Design

Copywriting Team

Copywriting Team


Development Team

Development Team

Website Design